This is what Nic is up to

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My boy Nic left Philly during college and has lived in North Jersey ever since. He’s killin it with some of the old crew and some new crew. I learned a lot from Nic on that barnes and nobles tip (the free education tip).  The saga continues, add them up on youtube.

here is his soundcloud.

NNNNN – NNNNN (review // recommendation)

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Experimental pop is not a term that you hear as often as you should. “NNNNN” is the strange name for the even stranger experimental pop-music of Justin Sabaj.  The word strange in this case means refreshing, and is essentially the only thing any songwriter should be aiming for these days. Justin and I went to college together (sorta); and in our several conversations over the years (mostly at the Shep), I learned that he was as much a songwriter as he was a virtuoso guitar player. I recall Justin was one of the few guitar players I met at school who cited Jon Brion as a primary influence (he got me hip to meaningless), and on this NNNNN record you can kinda hear the influence.

The record doesn’t exactly sound like anything, which i’m sure isn’t on accident. Some tracks are reminiscent of Beck (see disaster) and some remind me of Kate Bush or some other weird shit. Longtime Speakerkicker frequent Chris Aiello co-produced the record, and it sounds just as immaculate as the rest of his work. Its a super original collection of songs worthy of your listening and my promotion. Enjoy.

2/22/2013 Purple Suns @ Paul’s Tavern in Belmar, NJ

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Jason Hernandez
Tanmay Buch
and Sean Sestak
Purple Suns @ Paul’s Tavern in Belmar.


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