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Today, there was an error on the website “” wherein it was stated in an email to my brother that “MF DOOM is coming to NYC.” I immediately said, “No, he is not.” (See below screenshot.)  So…theres some hardcore band called “DOOM” and so there was some confusion on this dumb websites end. Let me share with you all an email conversation from a year ago between yours truly and MF Doom’s Label Lex.DOOM IN NYC no

Dear Lex, please help me decide about this


Tanmay Buch <>


to shop
Hello Lex,

       You guys had no other Email contact listed so I had to try to email this. I do not have money to spend 900 dollars on a flight to London to be there from Friday to Sunday just to see the 25 euro DOOM show.
BUT, i’ll do it if someone can PLEASE confirm that DOOM will not be playing NYC anytime in the foreseeable future. Tell me that I have no other choice. I have waited since 2003 to see the king, somehow in 2009 dude was playin Nokia in NYC with Mos, and then it got cancelled. He’s never been back to NYC since.
Now, its 2013, have tried to see him since 2003…What the fuck do I do? Will he ever play in my city? Do i HAVE to buy these tickets to see the god? is this my ONLY option?
Thank You,
Please understand -I’ve never done this before in my life but his lazy fat ass leaves me no other choice but to come to another country if I actually wanna see him before he has a heart attack from eating all those lard squares.

Theresa Adebiyi <>


to me
Hey Tanmay,

Thanks for getting in touch – as you know, DOOM hasn’t been back to the US in some time!
Whilst he doesn’t have any gigs coming up in the foreseeable future in the US, I can’t speak on behalf of the man himself or any changes that may occur after writing this email.
He often plays in Australia and has played in Brazil before, so he does venture out of the UK!
So it’s up to you really – this show will be fantastic and you could always make a holiday out of it and stay in London for a little while? At the moment flights from NY to LDN are about £500 on BA which isn’t too bad. You could also couch surf whilst you’re out here?
If it helps at all, let me know if you do make it over and i’ll try and get DOOM to sign a copy of his last record for you :)
Let me know if there is anything else we can do to help.


Needless to say, I did not fly to London to see Doom, nor do I want a signed copy of any of that shit Theresa you fuckin dumb bitch. Fuck lex, fuck doom, what happened to stones throw? wheres villainy 2?

new me. feat Sean

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Vijay Iyer and the Brentano String Quartet: Mutat…” on YouTube

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Vijay Iyer and the Brentano String Quartet: Mutat…:
This past Thursday night I was in Queens but my heart and mind were in Brooklyn, thinking about Vijay bhai’s sold out show at Greenspace. This was a premiere and features the Bretano String Quartet. I’m grateful that there is video documentation of it.


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